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Insubordination in the workplace is unacceptable. If you have an insubordinate employee, you must address the problem and deal with it swiftly. If verbal and written reprimands fail, you must create a written warning that outlines consequences. You need a sample letter of insubordination.

Why Use a Sample Letter of Insubordination?

A sample letter of insubordination helps set up a formal, unemotional tone when dealing with difficult employees. You may feel uncomfortable dealing with an insubordinate worker. Unfortunately if you do not deal with it, you will do a disservice to your many diligent, hardworking employees. Also by addressing the bad behavior directly, you are showing the insubordinate employee that you are in charge and their behavior must change.

What Should This Letter Include?

If you need a letter of insubordination, you can find excellent template examples on the internet. Be sure your sample letter of insubordination includes all the necessary information. It should have: an explanation of the actions that are making the notice necessary, a description of previous verbal counseling attempts and any memos sent out about the specific behavior. Make sure you put in all dates and deadlines for compliance. Clearly explain the behavior you expect and the outcomes for noncompliance.

Having a Sample Letter of Insubordination Template Helps

Have a sample letter of insubordination on file. Make sure your company's lawyer reviews and approves it. This will give you peace of mind when dealing with this difficult employee. Also, it prevents management from making inappropriate comments during this process. On occasion, we say more than we should. Remember a court or judge can use anything you write in this letter as evidence against your later.

Having a sample letter of insubordination on file can help you through most insubordination issues. A template allows you to fill in the blanks with relevant information, dates, and infractions. This is a great way to get your point across, get your message heard, and avoid being accusatory or 'emotional' in the process. It also keeps it professional. We are all human and blatant insubordination can get under the skin of even the most professional manager.

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